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Banned Books (Awareness) Week :: 2016: Join Us!

SU Voices

We want to hear YOUR review of a favorite banned or challenged book!  


From Monday, September 26th - through October 21st, we will be featuring SU faculty/staff/students/community members who leave a review of their favorite challenged or banned books.  


Not too sure which book to pick?  Look at the Most Challenged Books tab to see which favorite(s) of yours has been threatened!  

I want to listen!



Our Call Me Ishmael phone is located on the first floor of the new Guerrieri Academic Commons, directly opposite the Library Service Desk.  Just walk up to the phone, pick up the receiver, and press any button to hear a book review.  The reviews will change every few days, so be sure to come back more than once!  


I want to record!



You can record a message to be added to our phone one of two ways.


The best and fastest way to hear your review is to:

1) Record your own review* (you can do so using any basic recording program - such as the 'Voice Memo' app available on all iPhones) and email the file to Be sure to mention that you are at Salisbury University somewhere in your review so that you are appropriately 'tagged' and we can find your review within the Call Me Ishmael system!  

* please limit  your review to no longer than 2 minutes total.


For those who do not have access to a recording device, the second, slower to retrieve option is:

2.) Dial the Call Me Ishmael folks directly from any telephone and record your review per their instructions (below).  If you do so, be sure to mention somewhere in your review that you are at Salisbury University, as that way you will be 'tagged' such that we can find your review within the Call Me Ishmael system and can add you to our phone!  


Call Me Ishmael Direct-Recording Directions

Step #1. 
Call their phone number: 774.325.0503. 
It goes straight to voicemail.
(Calls from outside the US

Step #2. 
Listen to their short answering machine message.

Step #3. 
Leave them your voicemail about a book you love 
and a story you have lived.