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A Novel Idea!: The Longest Ride - 2018

The Longest Ride

Review by Sharon A.

= Read & Recommend

This was a very intriguing book with some unexpected twists near the end. An elderly couple, Ira and Ruth, have their life story told in flashback fashion after Ira runs his car off the road during a snowstorm and becomes stranded. His wife, who has passed away years before, appears to him in the car and through multiple "conversations" imparts to Ira the will to survive. The second couple Luke and Sophie, are just getting to know each other, and starting to date. Luke is a farmer and bull rider by profession and Sophie is a senior at Wake Forest University.

It is an interesting coincidence that these two ever met at all. But their lives are forever changed because they did.

There is a secondary storyline concerning the possible loss of Luke's farm due to overwhelming debt. The way all these stories are brought to satisfactory conclusions are part of what make this such an interesting read and very difficult to put down! The overall theme of the book is abiding love and perseverance. The title of the book seems to carry multiple meanings; the longest ride in a rodeo competition wins you the prize! For Ira, becoming snowbound for days became his longest ride for what should have been a short trip, and finally, the longest ride for all of us is this thing we call our life! The life stories of these two very different couples intertwine in such a way as to provide a very satisfactory conclusion to an amazingly good read.

The Longest Ride

Reviewed by Danielle N.

 = Read/Re-Read/Repeat

Nicholas Sparks has done it again! I could not put this book down! I have read most of Sparks' library but this book has been my most favorite. It starts off in the South, as all his do, but focuses on a college senior from New Jersey, much like myself when I read this book so that may be why I was instantly hooked.

She starts to fall for a professional bull rider and the journey they go on together is magical.

Their journey takes an unexpected turn, which some readers of Sparks may have been able to predict, but I still couldn't stop reading before I found out the ending. I recommend this book to everyone! Even better, the movie did do the book justice!

  • Length: 496 pages
  • Published by: Grand Central Publishing, 2014
  • ISBN: 978-1455520633
  • Category:  Fiction