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A Novel Idea!: The Fix - 2018

The Fix

Review by Sharon A.

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When the fourth book was released in Baldacci’s Memory Man series this Spring, it reminded me I had never read the third book. I decided to rectify this over site and read The Fix. It is an entertaining addition to this smaller series of David Baldacci’s. The main character of the series, Amos Decker, is an ex-NFL player who took a hard tackle during a game. He suffered a serious brain injury which left him suffering from synesthesia: the ability to perceive visual stimuli as colors, and hyperthymesia; near perfect memory recall. Decker is a member of an FBI team who uses his special abilities to help solve cold cases. However, in this book, he is called on to solve a current case with a short time frame for resolution. This mystery thriller involves a leading Defense contractor who shoots an unknown woman directly in front of the Hoover Building, and then shoots himself. The task is to find out why these people were involved, and why it occurred in the first place. Espionage is suspected but proves difficult to pin down.

The emotional interplay among the FBI team members adds to the enjoyment of this book. An intriguing summer read for anyone and a definite must read for readers who follow this Baldacci series.

  • Length: 432 pages
  • Published by: Grand Central Publishing, 2017
  • ISBN: 1455586560
  • Category:  Fiction