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A Novel Idea!: Sinners Guide to Confession

The Sinner's Guide to Confession

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Review by Josie Mae R.

The Sinners Guide to Confession by Phyllis Schieber is well-done chic literature, taking chic literature beyond the beach book of the younger set to a story of three friends in their 50’s who are keeping… shhh… secrets. Each friend, all middle aged, likable but fallible white women, relatively secure of their places in the world as middle class, find themselves upon a precipice of sorts. Ellen’s beloved husband of many years has left her for a younger woman, and she must decide how to define herself after this, as well as reconciling with her family who she long-ago left behind due to a traumatic experience she isn’t quite ready to share, even with her closest friends. Must she forever suffer? Kaye finds herself falling hard for a man who isn’t her staid and comfortable husband, father of her children, and at first, unable to tell her friends, she must decide how to move forward. Is there a “right” choice in a situation like this? And finally, Barbara, a widow, with lovely grown children, is discovering a side of herself that she never knew, now that her gambling and hastily married husband has passed, and she must decide whether to keep her new found delights under-wraps, or delight in the freedom it brings. How much do our children really know about who we are, and how do we define our true friendships? This book is about how these women learn about who they are, how they define themselves, and come to terms with telling the full truth to the people they care about the most.


  • Length: 374 pages
  • Published by: Berkley 
  • ISBN: 978-0425221532
  • Category: Fiction