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A Novel Idea!: Nano



Review by Josie Mae R.

Struggled To Finish


Robin Cook is popular for writing medical mystery thrillers that are generally fast paced and prey on our fears about technology and the medical world. As both a medical doctor and a popular author, he usually provides a good, quick read, but Nano disappoints. The book would read better if you have read the previously connected book that contains the main character, Death Benefit. I had no knowledge of this until picking it up and had a bit of a rough start getting into the story. This book centers around Pia Grazdani, a medical researcher at an outfit called, you guessed it, Nano. The head of Nano is insensitive, a psychopath, a womanizer, and of course, runs a corrupt organization.

Next to Robin Cook's other works, I found this novel too predictable, with no surprises and found most of the characters unlikable.

Pia was an introvert with a rough past, and for reportedly being so intelligent, she made some idiotic moves, never thinking of safety or even common sense. The one guy who cared about her showed up at her place uninvited, ignored her constantly turning him away, and behaved too much like a stalker. He couldn’t seem to see past her apparently perfect looks. Her only other friend, a medical doctor, was bland and passive. The ending, without giving anything away, was unsatisfactory, predictable, and offered no closure, which I dislike. Sadly, I would not recommend this book. The book is set up for a sequel, which is, I’m sure, why the author provided no closure, but it was frustrating and left an unsatisfactory feeling to what was already not hitting the mark.

  • Length: 544 pages
  • Published by: G.P. Putnam's Sons
  • ISBN: 978-0425261347
  • Category:  Fiction