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A Novel Idea!: Long Mile Home

Long Mile Home

Reviewed by Laura T.

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Long Mile Home is an epic read for anyone who is aware of the Boston Marathon attack on April 15, 2013. It was written by reporters for the Boston Globe who not only had a difficult task of discussing the violent and tragic events of that day in 2013, but who decided to tell the story through first-hand accounts. There are five people whose stories are included the most throughout the book: Heather Abbott, a woman who was waiting to enter a restaurant when the second bomb went off close to her, Shana Cottone, a police officer who rushed to help victims, David King, a trauma surgeon who rushed to work not long after finishing the race himself, Dave McGillivray, the race director, and Krystle Campbell, whose experience as a spectator at the marathon was unfortunately fatal. I thought the authors did a wonderful job of providing readers with background information of each person and what their lives were like leading up to the race. Then, even more interesting, they provide details of what these people went through on the day of the marathon and how the event changed their lives forever. However, these five key stories are not the only intriguing aspects of the book. The authors include details of the lives of the brothers who created the bombs and detonated them on April 15th and the hunt to find them afterwards. Also, like many non-fiction books, there are several pictures included half-way through the book that help readers get a clearer understanding of the events discussed throughout the entire book. If you are thinking that this book sounds great but that there were so many other people affected by the bombings, don’t worry! The authors included plenty of other statements and accounts from other victims and their friends and families, police officers, first responders, SWAT team members, and even the mayor of Boston and the governor of Massachusetts. It was not confusing at all to navigate these different stories; if anything, I think it added to the tremendous impact the bombings had on the entire city of Boston. Even though April 15, 2013 was nothing less than a tragedy, this book highlights the true heroics of many Boston residents and will surely inspire any reader.


  • Length: 368 pages
  • Published by: Berkley
  • ISBN: 978-0451469427
  • Category: Non-fiction