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A Novel Idea!: Little Fires Everywhere

Little Fires Everywhere

Review by Josie Mae R.

 = One & Done

Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng was a poignant study of people and choices we make. What leads us to become who we are? Which choices change our lives? How do we define ourselves, become entangled with others, and how do those entitlements affect us?

This novel follows the lives of a well-to-do family in the safe and perfect Shaker Heights area of Ohio, an area built on order and regulation. In comes Mia and her 15 year old daughter, a seemingly tight knit pair who have lived their lives, not on an affluent schedule like the rest of this area, but on minimum wage and artistic talents, following the wind, with Mia's past a secret, hidden even from her own daughter. What kind of chaos will ensue? Read it to find out!
As a mom via adoption, this book frustrated me on many levels. It felt like the book was trying to argue so desperately for a grey area in morality, but honesty was so far from every characters' mind. The characters weren't exactly likable and were equally frustrating. It felt as if the author were trying to expose something, but couldn't decide on what exactly that was... the dangers of choosing a safe life over what... (spoiler?) running away from your problems? I enjoyed the metaphors and the artistic notions, some of the insight into why we make the choices we make, and who we are, but in the end, there was too many threads left unfollowed, too much left unanswered. 

Length: 368 pages

Published by: Penguin Books

ISBN:  978-0735224315

Category:  Fiction