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A Novel Idea!: Gone Girl - 2018

Gone Girl

Review by Tara C.

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One summer evening Amy Dunne mysteriously disappears. It is her and Nick’s fifth wedding anniversary. Nick soon becomes the one to blame for his wife’s disappearance although he claims he has no idea what happened to her. Nick begins to search for his wife on his own and begins to find clues she left for him. Is Nick Dunne really the killer everyone suspects or did Amy plan her disappearance and death?


Nick Dunne used to work as a journalist in New York City. He was raised in a small Midwestern town and his family could be classified as part of the working class in America. Amy Dunne was the inspiration for her parents “Amazing Amy” book series. She once wrote personality quizzes in New York City as a well-known author. Nick and Amy meet in New York City at a writer’s party, fall in love, and begin to live their happy, wildly successful, fun lives. They have dreams of starting their family and living the fast, rich life in New York City as professional writers.


As the story unfolds, readers learn of the real marriage between Nick and Amy—it isn’t easy and a typical love story. Amy and Nick were once successful writers living in New York. However, when they both lose their jobs and Nick’s mom becomes ill they move to North Carthage, Missouri to help care for Nick’s mom. Now, Amy doesn’t work and Nick manages a local bar in town. To top it all off, Nick’s dad is losing his memory and lives in a nursing home where every so often he escapes. The stress from the life they once lived to now feeling stuck in life has put a huge strain on their marriage. They question their purpose, if they were meant to be married, and are losing money. Not to mention their struggle to have a baby and start their family. Infidelity, resentment, and unhappiness threatens their marriage and leads Amy to make some twisted and crazy decisions.


While the search to find Amy continues, Nick cannot represent himself properly while being interviewed by the media or the police making him look like the prime suspect in Amy’s disappearance. But, Nick continues to plead with everyone that he did not kill Amy. A wild goose chase is what happens next…

Gillian Flynn writes in a way that has readers guessing what happens next. This thriller is twisted and suspenseful from beginning to end. The characters thoughts and actions truly make this book interesting. At times it is freaky to think about how Flynn crafted this story and all the details. Gone Girl was a book that happened to be on my bookshelf that I picked up to read. I was not expecting a page turning thriller! I couldn’t put the book down and wanted to race to the end to find out what happened. I think the character development was great especially with each chapter sharing the viewpoint of either Nick or Amy. Readers can really understand what is going on through the characters mind. If you are looking for a quick, fast thriller to read this summer this is one to definitely consider!

Length: 422 pages

Published by: Broadway Books

ISBN: 0307588378

Category:  Fiction