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A Novel Idea!: Girl in Hyacinth Blue - 2018

Girl in Hyacinth Blue

Reviewed by Karen S.

 = Read/Re-Read/Repeat

This is a very different story that starts in present time and moves backwards in time down through the centuries. A math teacher has a painting that he wants an art teacher to look at and determine if it is a Vermeer. This is a mystery, because the painting isn't signed. The story moves on to another period. Later the painting was found during a flood in The Netherlands along with an abandoned baby. A note is with the baby saying to sell the painting and feed the child. The farmer who finds the baby and the painting doesn't know about art. His wife loves the painting and wants to keep it, but knows she can't. She thinks the woman in the painting is the child's mother. The farmer thinks the child was born of a woman who was recently hanged for being a witch. As you read the story it becomes clearer that there is a mystery.

Susan Vreeland uses many different characters that shows the vulnerability of each owner and how they can be transformed by their emotions as they gaze upon the painting. I found it interesting that a simple thing as a painting could be turned into a different kind of "who done it". You need to read the story in order to fine out who really painted the girl and how it traveled through time. I liked the story, but as soon I got to know the characters in each part of the book, the author moves on. Of course, this was done to keep a readers attention. I kept on reading to find out the truth. It is well worth the read.


  • Length: 242 pages
  • Published by: MacMurray & Beck; 1999
  • ISBN-13: 978-1878448903
  • Category:  Fiction