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A Novel Idea!: Contest Rules

This summer Salisbury University Libraries are challenging our alumni to read more and to tell us about it. Any time you read a book this summer and write a review submitted here, you'll earn points towards a chance to win great prizes!  Currently, the types of books that are open to the contest include novellas, short works, all adult fiction/non-fiction, and graphic novels.


We will highlight the reviews on this website as well as through Salisbury University Libraries social media accounts. If you wish to post any pictures about the contest or your entry on your own social media please use the hashtag #ANovelIdea2019, and tag us accordingly as well via our social media accounts listed below!



Facebook: @sulibraries                                          Instagram:  @sulibraries


Contest Basics:

  • Each complete review written and posted gives you one point.  
  • The contest runs until August 31st, 2019 and is open to SU Alumni only.
  • At the end of the contest, the reviewer with the most points will be awarded first prize, reviewer with the second most points will be awarded second prize, etc.  


Book Review Basics:

  • Reviews must run no less than 250 words and generally not much more than 750 words.
  • Reviews should not include spoilers or trigger issues such as sexual violence, domestic violence, etc.
  • Reviews should not contain reviews of the author themselves, off-topic, irrelevant comments, attacks on other reviewers, self-promotional statements, or any harassing or threatening language.  
  • The PurdueOWL site gives some great pointers about how to write a good review including the basics that a good book review should give the reader a sneak peek about the book contents itself, and whether or not the reviewer enjoyed it.


Also, the reviews poster on A Novel Idea are individual and subjective opinions.  The opinions expressed in reviews are those of reviewers, and not of Salisbury University or Salisbury University Libraries.  We do not endorse any of the opinions expressed by reviewers.  


Remember we need your honest feedback and rating to share with our readers to help them make informed reading choices, not just a polite comment on every book you pick up!



Contest Winners:


Our prizes for the Summer of 2019 are still TBD!