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A Novel Idea!: Chomp

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Review by Patricia B.

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This book is funny and silly. Actually it was laugh out loud funny. I especially liked it because it didn't have any colorful language and since I noticed that, it made me wonder if this was a young adult novel, and sure enough it was. But I really liked it, such an easy fast read, great for the beach or a plane ride. It is about a family in Florida, near the Everglades, who live on a farm with lots of animals. These animals (snakes, alligators, etc.) are used by television and movie studios, when they make movies, nature programs, etc. The family is financially strapped because the father is particular about who he works with and he loves his animals. The family is living from paycheck to paycheck and the father recently had an injury where a dead iguana fell from a palm tree and hit him in the head, causing a concussion with continuing headaches and double vision. The son is named Wahoo Cray. Which made me smile every time I read his name. They take a job with a "reality show" Expedition Survival, and the hijinks begin!!! The main character of the reality show is Derek Badger, who is inept and egotistical. The group goes on location to shoot an episode of the show. On the way there, the Cray family picks up a class mate of Wahoos' named Tuna. She lives in a trailer parked at the local Walmart with her frequently drunk father. She joined the group sporting a black eye courtesy of her dad.

I liked this book so much I checked out other books written by this author, and they are definitely written for adults with LOTS of colorful language.


  • Length: 290 pages
  • Published by: Ember
  • ISBN: 978-0375868276
  • Category:  Fiction