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A Novel Idea!: All The Light We Cannot See - 2018

All The Light We Cannot See

Reviewed by Karen S.

 = Read/Re-Read/Repeat


I have just finished another book. A wonderful tale of love, lost love, living and dying.

The author has a unique way of stopping at great places as if one is watching a series and you won't find out what will happen until the next week.

It held my interest and the many themes that run throughout the book could keep a book club busy for days discussing those themes. Anthony Doerr also uses two main characters that become interwoven due to interests and WW II. The setting takes place in France and Germany. The girl, Marie Laure, is blind. Her father cares a great deal about his daughter that he makes sure she can understand the world around her with miniature models of Paris and the neighborhood she grew up in. The boy, Warner, is extremely smart and has a great interest in how radios work. His interest and brightness take him many places from Germany to France during the war and many other places. The ending of the book left me hanging and apparently many others had the same question. But I wonder if the author meant to leave a question lingering in the readers mind, because life is like this too. We can't know all the answers and thus we make up our own minds and fill in the blanks. If you read this, which I hope you will, pay attention to a blue diamond and the way the author uses light to help and confuse his characters.

  • Length: 531 pages
  • Published by: Scribner  2014
  • ISBN-13: 978-1501132872
  • Category:  Fiction