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HONR 111 (Lycett): Find Books

+In the research process: BOOKS

1. Explore topic basics (casual web searching)
2. Background (library catalog: books)

3. Current research (library databases: journal articles)

4. Support your argument (source citation)

5. Drafts & revisions (research librarians & Writing Center)

Search for Books

Searching the Catalog

Keywords:      "scientific communication".            effective                

1. scientific communication - 9,000+ results

2. add effective - 2,000+ results.

Notice your results are more specific. 

3. Limit results to BOOKS under format on the left side of your screen - results 166

4. Where would I find this book in the library? Call Number Locator

Not owned by SU? Order through ILL.


There are over 100,000 Ebooks in Library's collection. Ebooks can be used 24/7 from any computer with an internet connection.

SU Libraries Map

Map of the first floor of the library