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HONR 111 (Lycett): Avocets



Easy = 100 points

Medium = 200 points

Hard = 400 points

1.  Keywords

1.A. What are three common operators for Boolean Searching? 1.B. What are some keywords in this sentence: How does pesticide use along the Chesapeake Bay impact blue crab populations? 1.C. Think of three alternate keywords you could use to describe  "pesticides"

2.  Find a Book

2.A. Use the 'All Types' search box to look for books on the topic ecology of the Chesapeake Bay. Find a print book and text the title. 2.B. Use the 'All Types' search box to find an eBook on the topic ecology of the Chesapeake Bay. Take a picture of the screen and message it. 2.C. Use one of your alternate keywords from 1C to locate a book owned by SU. Using the call number, locate the book in the library and take a picture of one of your teammates holding the book.

3.  Popular vs. Scholarly

3.A. Message 3 characteristics of scholarly articles. 3.B. Find an interesting current scholarly journal in The Pit. Take a picture of the cover. 3.C. Find a scholarly journal you think might have an article regarding the Chesapeake Bay and blue crabs, and message the title of the journal.

4.  Find an Article

4.A. Go to the HONR 111 - Lycett class guide.  Message 3 names of search engines / databases you might use to find articles on "blue crabs". 4.B. Search in the database Academic Search Ultimate for "blue crabs" and "pesticides". Limit the results to "scholarly". How many results do you have now?  Message the number. 4.C. Search in a database for "pesticides".   Look at the subject terms listed in the result. Find one that was not one of your original alternate keywords that you could add to your list of search terms.

5.  Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

5.A. Go to 'My Library Accounts'  on the library homepage.  Have one member of your team create an Inter-Library Loan account. Take a picture of the completed screen. 5.B. Use the 'All Types' search box to find a book on  "blue crabs" that is not owned by Salisbury University or MD University and Partners.  Place a request through ILL (with a note indicating that this is for HONORS111 in the Notes field) and message a picture of the completed request. 5.C. Choose a database and perform a search for "blue crabs and pesticides". Locate an article that is both scholarly and NOT available full text. Request the article (including that it is for HONORS111 in the Notes field) and message a picture of the completed request.

6.  BONUS = 300 Points

6.A.Take a picture of one of your teammates with whoever is working at the Research Help Desk. 6.B. Where would you find the archives and special collections? What floor is it on? 6.C Find a book in the reference collection that is likely to have something "Chesapeake Bay" related and message it.