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HIST 102 Lelic - Website Projects: Religion/Science Primary Sources

Primary Source Analysis Worksheets

During our primary source session, each student will complete one primary source analysis worksheet for the collection their group has chosen. Please check the type of document (written, photograph, poster/cartoon, or artifact) and complete the associated worksheet.

19th Century Religion

This ledger contains the church record of the Madison Circuit of the Delaware Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, which was an African American church in Dorchester County Maryland that included Malone Church. Included are baptisms from 1883 to 1893 and marriages from 1883 to 1894.

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Written by William Benson of Boonville, Missouri and spirits that allegedly visited him in 1852, this journal documents the supernatural occurrences observed by Benson and friends. Documented are his methods of communicating with spirits, acts of levitation, and visits from family and friends. 

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A Century Of Progress Exposition Scrapbook

This nine page memoir documents the experiences of the author when attending the 1933 to 1934 Chicago World's Fair that was called "A Century of Progress." 

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Salisbury Marine Construction Company photographs

Salisbury Marine Construction Company photograph collection



Wooden intercom wall mount telephone; 10 button (as used in a department store); made by Connecticut Telephone and Electric Company, Inc. of Meriden, CT.


Odell Typewriter

Cast iron typewriter, "Odell Typewriter No. 4 Patented by Farquhar & Albrecht Chicago" on a plate at the top. There is a metal piece that has the numeric symbols and alphabet going across the center. Throughout the base of typewriter, there is a decorative design with "Odell Type Writer Chicago" intertwined within the design. 



Zenith model 6D2620-N radio made in 1942.


Pilot Television

Pilot 3" television made of wood and pressboard, c.1949.  



Telephone Postcard, c. 1910.



Telephone switchboard operator postcard, c.1910.


WPA Scrapbook

Wicomico Historical Society WPA Scrapbook

Religious Tract Society of Baltimore Broadsides

These three Christian broadsides were published by the Religious Tract Society of Baltimore (Maryland) in the 1810s. SC2014.107

These three Christian broadsides were published by the Religious Tract Society of Baltimore (Maryland) in the 1810s. SC2014.107

These three Christian broadsides were published by the Religious Tract Society of Baltimore (Maryland) in the 1810s. SC2014.107

Medical History

Helen Binde's diaries document the life of Helen Binde, a young nurse from New Jersey in 1928. Binde records her daily life and her diary contains numerous newspaper clippings of famous aviators (most notably Charles Lindbergh) and the photograph she sent as part of an actress application to a motion picture company.

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This medical accounts ledger documents Alexander Hamilton Bayly's medical work in Dorchester County, Maryland from 1835 to 1847. Based in Cambridge, Bayly's patients lived across the county and included slave-owners seeking assistance for their families and slaves, as well as 57 free black people--some of whom have occupations, locations, and family members listed. Additional loose pages detail medical procedures and practices.

This ledger was digitized in 2020 and is part of the Bayly Family Papers. For more information about the extensive collection, visit the finding aid at:

This transcription is the journal of Henry B. Mathiot, a physician in Fayette County, Pennsylvania. The journal contains Mathiot's recipes, his list of patients, and recordings of births.

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