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HIST 102 Lelic - Website Projects: How to Build a Website

Building Your Group's Website

Your group will be creating a website about your Object of Study. As Professor Lelic explains, "It should provide the visitor with general background information on the historical context, as well as specific trends and patterns that set apart the chosen subject of presentation." Once you have identified the item/s from the Nabb Center that will be your focus, and you have found sources that provide the historical context, the next step will be to present this information in the form of a website. Please refer to your assignment for instruction. Below are two platforms that your groups may use to build your website, as well as useful information about how to make those sites accessible. 


Wordpress is a platform that is used to create blogs. This platform is useful if you are approaching your site from a text-based style. Below are a few examples of how writers have used Wordpress to present history topics. 



Weebly is a platform linked with SquareSpace, but allows users to build personal websites as well. This site may be useful if you are starting from a visual approach to your site. Below are a few sites that utilize the Weebly platform, including the History Day Websites. 


Accessibility Guidelines