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ENVR 205 - Spring 2018: Find Cartoons




Forms:  Also 17 carton,  cartone.
Frequency (in current use):  
Etymology: < French carton or (its source) Italian cartone, augmentative of carta paper.


 a. A full-page illustration in a paper or periodical; esp. applied to those in the comic papers relating to current events. Now, a humorous or topical drawing (of any size) in a newspaper, etc. Cf. strip cartoon n. at strip n.2 Compounds 2.

1843    Punch 24 June 258/2   Punch has the benevolence to announce, that in an early number of his ensuing Volume he will astonish the Parliamentary Committee by the publication of several exquisite designs, to be called Punch's Cartoons!
1843    Punch 15 July 22/2   Substance and Shadow. Cartoon No. I.
1863    M. E. Braddon Eleanor's Victory xl   One of Mr. Leech's most genial cartoons.
1879    Print. Trades Jrnl.  xxix. 8   The cartoons bearing on colonial politics.
1900   in M. Beerbohm Lett. to R. Turner (1964) 298   His [sc. Pellegrini's] famous Vanity Fair cartoons.
1900   in M. Beerbohm Lett. to R. Turner (1964) 298   A pair of original cartoon-drawings.
1910    Daily Chron. 1 Mar. 6/6   The cartoon merely party-political. You find a scratchy sketch in the corner of a paper devoted to the week-end football matches or the spring handicaps, or Mr. Asquith's breakfast with the King. ‘Cartoon!’
1959    Chambers's Encycl. III. 117/1   Daumier's example can still be traced in the modern newspaper cartoon.
1959    Chambers's Encycl. III. 117/1   Caricatures..began to appear as political cartoons.

Finding Cartoons

Starting from here, we're going to add in a few more search sites so that you search all of our newspaper databases all at once.  


Once the ProQuest database has been opened, choose the Change Databases option.  



From there, check off all of the Newspaper databases that we have paid to access:

  • Baltimore Sun
  • New York Times
  • ProQuest Historical Newspapers:  The Baltimore Sun
  • ProQuest Historical Newspapers:  The New York Times
  • ProQuest Historical Newspapers:  The Wall Street Journal
  • ProQuest Historical Newspapers: The Washington Post
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • The Washington Post



Once you have done that, click the link to begin your search.  You will see that towards the bottom of the search screen you have the ability to search by specific Document type - including Cartoons...






New Yorker Cartoons Online