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BIOL 350: Cell Biology: Tip for PDF Errors

Tip for RefWorks

Sometimes when you have an article that has been scanned in as a PDF, or that you pulled from MyClasses, and you import it into your RefWorks folder, the RefWorks citation program sees it as a blank image, and not a readable file.  


What that means is that while you can click on the PDF link within the citation you just created to read the full-text of the article, there is absolutely no associated metadata that the system can read or process - so all of your necessary citation information fields will be blank or else just weirdly wrong.  There will be no author listed in your citation area -- no article title, no journal title, no year, no pages, etc. or what is there will be total nonsense.   


When this happens, you CAN fix it!  


Watch the short video below to see one easy way to find the additional needed citation information, using Google Scholar as your search interface....


Getting Missing Citation Information into RefWorks via Google Scholar