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BIOL 326 - Astrobiology / Williams: Where to Find Primary Articles

Here is a tutorial that will walk you through every step involved in finding primary journal articles in our Science Direct search engine that are focused on your Astrobiology topic.  By working your way through this tutorial, you will complete the first step of this specific BIOL 326 assignment!


Searching for Astrobiology-Specific Journal Articles

Journal Article Search Engines


Our search engine databases are not your normal "Google-like" search engines!  Our library search engines have access to scientific journal content that is typically not found through regular web searching* -- and that content contains professional, peer-reviewed scientific articles.  These library search engines are the places you want to search when you are looking for real scientific papers, and when you want to find them full-text right away - -  not just links that take you to places where they show you the first paragraph of the article, then try to charge you $40 or more to read the whole thing........


*Scientific journals are usually available only through purchase.  They are locked behind "pay walls" - a secure system that only allows users who have paid for access to read the full-text of their articles -- and as such only because we have paid to access them, and because you are currently a student at SU, can you get access yourself!