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BIOL 326 - Astrobiology / Williams: Astrobiology

Welcome, everyone!

The goal of this guide and of your library session is to help you understand how to use our RefWorks program to construct an annotated bibliography of all the articles and other items you read during the course.  


Your annotated bibliography will be made available to the course professor through the semester and will be graded during finals week.  


The study of living beings, both on Earth and as they may occur elsewhere in the universe.  This course uses a highly interdisciplinary approach to explore the properties of life, how life may have arisen, the evolution of Earth and its biosphere, and the possible origin, evolution and distribution of life in the universe.  The past, present and future astrobiology-related activities of space agencies around the world ar also surveyed.  

photograph of a star-filled sky

Photograph by Drew T. Rush.  Used via sibling permission.