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Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon: Resources

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Getting Started

If you are planning to attend a Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon at Library, here are a few things you can do before you come. You don't have to do these in advance, but they'll help you get started more quickly if you do!

  1. Create a Wikipedia "Editor" accountCreating an editor account in advance will help you get started more quickly. In addition, it will allow you to "confirm" your account with Wikipedia before you arrive (by clicking a link in an email they will send you).
  2. Confirm your account. As mentioned above, make sure you confirm your email by clicking the link you'll receive before you come to the event.
  3. Take the Wikipedia Tutorial. Wikipedia has put together an excellent tutorial to teach you the basics of editing a page. We will cover a lot of this during the first part of the Edit-a-Thon, but the more you know before you come, the better! Pay particular attention to the "Formatting" and "Citing Sources" tabs. There's also an excellent cheatsheet if you just have time for the basics.
  4. Familiarize yourself with Wikipedia's editing rules. Like any organization, Wikipedia has rules of conduct for its editors. Make sure you are at least somewhat familiar with them so that you don't inadvertently post anything that's against the rules.
  5. Find a some articles you'd like to edit. These can be on any topic that interests you. Try to find articles that have some problems, and that could benefit from your work. Problems might include:
    • The article leaves out important information
    • The article has incorrect information (or information that you suspect is incorrect)
    • The article doesn't include sources for the facts it uses
    • The article seems biased in some way
    If you have trouble finding something, you can use the Wikipedia Community Portal to find articles that the community needs help with!



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Editing Wikipedia Brochure

This 20-page brochure created by Wikipedia describes everything you could want to know about editing the online encyclopedia. The pages on Wiki Markup are especially useful for beginners.