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SOWK 400/622 Practice II: Home


This guide is created primarily for the students in  Dr. Rebecca Anthony's SOWK 400/622 Social Work Practice II Practice with Groups and Families course.








Below is the assignment from your course instructor:

Practice II: SOWK622

Family Case Study Article Critique:   Worth 55 points (A detailed grading rubric is found on MyClasses)

Each student will write a three to four page summary and critique of a social work article describing practice with a family.  The case study article must be selected from one of the following journals (or similar peer reviewed, professional journal), Child Welfare, Social Work With Groups, Families in Society, Social Work,  Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, or a journal approved by the professor.  Please select an article relevant to your field agency, place of employment, your agency's client population, or a personal / social problem addressed by your agency.  The article should be practice-oriented and show how the worker used a family practice theory to help a client system.  Please note that this type of article is different then a research study article, as it illustrates a service provided, and should appear as a case study. 

Report on:

1) the characteristics of the family discussed;

2) the client system problems or challenges;

3) the worker's theoretical orientation;

4) the worker's suggestions for family assessment;

5) the worker's description of family intervention;

6) information on how the article incorporated evidence-based principles and handled evaluation of effectiveness;

7) diversity issues addressed by the worker and if this is not addressed in the article then discuss any potential issues involving culture and diversity that could have arisen and how the worker could have addressed those with the family;

8) other topics or practice challenges identified

9) include your own appraisal of the article and comment specifically on two or three lessons from the article that will help you as a family worker. 


Students are expected to report on their article critiques in class and to include a copy of the article or link to the article with their critique.


Salisbury University provides access to many useful journals.  For example, PsychInfo and SWAbstracts are search tools that can help you locate an article, and EBSCO host has many relevant full text articles.  You must locate an appropriate article to effectively complete this assignment.  If you are unsure about the appropiateness of your article, please ask.  The article critique must be written in APA format, and include a citation for your article.  All assignments must be include a  title page, and will be graded for formal writing quality, including grammar and sentence structure. 




Mou Chakraborty