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POSC 101 (Murphy): Assignment


Due: April 19, Early submission date: April 12

8-10 pages

Choose a country from the corruption index and discuss the level of corruption (use brief examples), national perception, the impact of the corruption on two or more of the following indicators: security, crime and terrorism, lack of economic growth, imposing additional costs. Find recommendations that have been made to combat corruption in your example or, lacking examples, suggest some from the assigned reading.

Keyword Exercise

Transparency International defines corruption as the abuse of entrusted power for private gain.

In regards to the US, Transparency International lists transparency in political spending as the first strategy for reducing corruption.

Academic language (and therefore an academic database) isn't always what we might expect it to be. Use the method modeled in the worksheet below to develop alternate keywords for each of the ones you have pulled out of your own research topic. They can be synonyms, broader terms, or more narrow terms.

For example: political spending might generate a list like:

  • campaign spending
  • campaign donations
  • lobbyists
  • PACs
  • political ads
  • NRA
  • revolving door
  • industry spending

Manage & Organize

‚ÄčProQuest RefWorks - Source citation tool

Please sign into your RefWorks account. Keep RefWorks open in a tab at the top of your web browser.


In addition to the link to below, MS Word has a built-in thesaurus: