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MDTC 471: Clinical Seminar: Session Introduction & Assignment

This guide can help you:

Form an approach to initiating an assignment.
Identify the use of information sources based on the type of information (i.e. books for background)
Use keywords from a research question or statement to search.
Distinguish differences between popular and scholarly articles.
Explore topics for your paper or project. What motivates you?
Explore the library's information resources.
Start to gather information for an assignment.

Information Cycle


This guide is created for students in MDTC 471: CLINICAL SEMINAR course. 
The guide designed to help you find information, books, schoarly articles, websites, reference sources, citation styles information and more in the field of Medical Laboratory Science available through the SU Libraries print and online resources. Please use the tabs at the top for additional resources.
If you have any questions about the content, please feel free to contact me. 


​During the mini exam week in February, you will also attend a lecture by Ms. Mou Chakraborty, Library Liaison for MLS, who will demonstrate how to use SU’s Library website, databases, interlibrary loan, how to evaluate websites for research, and a brief overview of citation styles.  As part of this lecture, you will have group work and will have to complete a research log.  The log will be worth 50 points and is due at the conclusion of this lecture


With the skills you learn from your library session, you will be required to locate an appropriate article AND an appropriate website to use as you write up ONE of your case studies.  The article and website will be used for a “super” case study.  The case study is to follow Chicago Manual of Style notes and bibliography system, and proper citation is required to achieve full points.  The Purdue Owl, sponsored by Purdue University, is an excellent resource to use, and can be found at:


When you turn in the case study, you also need to submit a copy of the article you found.  You may use more than one article &/or website if desired.  The case study will be worth 50 points for this course (note: you may use this case study for one or more of your rotation case studies as well) and is due when you take the corresponding rotation exam.  Please note: if you come across a unique case study and would like to submit it for publication, an alternative citation format will be allowed that is consistent with the journal to which you wish to submit. 


Combined, these activities will count 30% of the final grade


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