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ENGL 257 Quintana Wulf

Research guide for Introduction to Multiethnic US Literatures

Assignment source guidelines

"You need to find, read, and use at least 3 secondary sources: they can be either literary criticism, sources that help you understand the social and cultural contexts for the literary texts, or literary theory that can help you establish a critical framework for your analysis." Dr. Quintana Wulf

From topic statement to keywords

Search databases using keywords, such as concepts or subject phrases, that are linked together by and, or, not  used to identify articles and sources. Before we can begin searching, we need to identify the keywords we'll use within the library's research tools. 


Divide your topic into concepts/segments/pieces depending on your focus.
For some stories: 
Black Lives Matter, excessive police force, police brutality, dehumanization, racial profiling, African American

For other stories you may read later:

​racial identity,  black culture,   body image,    women,   United States    

Brainstorm for synonyms and related terms.

You will need to translate these terms to keywords later when you are searching databases for articles and sources. Even if a combination of words works well in one database, you may have to change keywords to find results in another database. 


police brutality


racial profiling

United states

related terms:

police misconduct




gross misconduct