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Literacy at college: Home


Read to know how to do things.

Read to do well at work.


Read to exercise your brain!


Why is it important to read? A few of the most important reasons include:

1. Being able to do things in this world! 

  • Read instructions. Can you imagine getting a bottle of medicine and not being able to read the directions for taking it?
  • Read news. It's important to know what's going on in Salisbury, in Maryland, and in the world!
  • Driving: In order to drive a car, you have to be able to read signs and directions!

2. Finding a job and being good at that job!

  • Nearly all jobs require the ability to read. You have to know how to read and follow instructions in order to do well in the workplace.
  • You often have to double-check your work and work of others, which requires reading and re-reading!

3. Reading exercises your brain!

  • Did you know your brain is a big muscle? Like all muscles, it needs to be used or else it can get small and wimpy!
  • We read for work, but we also need to read to allow our brain to play! 

Literacy at college

College students must read  in order to:

  • Review notes they took during a professor's lecture.
  • Follow class instructions on how to do homework, write papers, or take tests.
  • Read academic books and articles related to courses.
  • Critically read information that they may use as sources that support their own ideas.

For work reading, SU Libraries collections include books and other information on:

Art, communication skills, psychology, sociology, biology, math, philosophy, education, English, Spanish, French, and history to name a few subjects.

But we also have "Leisure reading" or books that our students read for fun!