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CMAT 490 DeWitt & Horikami: Find books

Why use books for Research?

Why use books for my research?                                      

  • Detailed analysis of a topic                    
  • Background information                    
  • Overview of big issue                    
  • Use their bibliographies to find other sources

Review: Search the catalog using keywords

Keywords:     promote         sustainability          college campus            programs

1. sustainability 

2. add "college campus" - notice your results are more specific. Limit to Print Book format.

3. View a book record: Location, Status, Call Number

4. Sort list of results by: newest to oldest

5. ‚ÄčBooks not owned by SU Libraries can be ordered through Interlibrary Loan

6. Search using your topic keywords; export a prospective title to Easybib.

Found it in the catalog? Use the call number locator to find it in the building.

Call Number Locator - The call number of a library item is like a home address. Copy and paste any call number you find in the library catalog to see where it lives in the library.