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CMAT 490 DeWitt & Horikami: Evaluate Website Sources

URL endings: Credibility at-a-glance

Sometimes, you can judge how reliable website information is by noting the URL ending.

.GOV - refers to a government website. Highly reliable (also ".ci." and "" for city and state websites)

.EDU - often refers to a reliable educational website.

.ORG - implies a non-profit ORGanization. Approach with skepticism.

.COM - stands for "Commerce" and is used for business. Approach with skepticism.

Evaluating Websites

Video credit: California State University at Fullerton.

Website Evaluation List

URL endings are helpful, but you must go beyond evaluating URLs by using the checklist of criteria mentioned in the UC Fullerton video. Don't just go by a report, get to the source. It is most often best to get information directly from the source rather than second-hand.

 Click here: I'm searching for info about the success of school safety patrol programs

Does the first student award article cite a possible "authority" that oversees safety patrol programs?