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ELED 350 Literature for Children: Find Articles

The study of classic and contemporary literature for children, with an emphasis on selecting and incorporating a wide variety of literature into the elementary and middle school curriculum.

Finding Articles

Online Databases:
The quickest way to find magazine or journal articles on children's literature topics is by using databases, which provide full text electronic copies. You can access these from any computer from anywhere 24/7. And the best databases to start with are those that are Education-specific, as you see in the first group of databases listed below left in the Recommended Databases box.

Print Journals:
Another way to get full text articles is by finding the print magazine or journal among those we subscribe to in the main library (in the GAC) and scanning a copy. One may do this by simply browsing through a magazine or journal or by starting with a citation first. We have listed a few relevant print journals below in the Recommended Journals box.

Recommended Article Databases

To access the following databases from off-campus, you will need to log in using your SU username and password:

EDUCATION (Articles)

Education Source

Physical Education Index
  (Abstracts Only)
Primary Search
Professional Development Collection

Teacher Reference Center
  (Abstracts Only)
Tests in Print (TIP)
COMAR Online
Code of Maryland)

Mental Measurements Yearbook (MMY)

GENERAL (Articles)

Academic Search Complete
Humanities International Complete
MAS Ultra-School Edition
MasterFILE Premier
ProQuest Newspapers
Psychology & Behavioral Sciences
SU Dissertations & Theses

Recommended Guides

Searching Education Databases

Article Search

Keywords for your Search?

Try this exercise before you start searching for any materials on your topic...

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Google Scholar Search