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Academic Commons: Possibilities for the Future

Onward & Upward

With all the various entities combined in one spot the possibilities of the new GAC are virtually endless!

Do you have ideas for innovative teaching that can take place in these new spaces? What new collaborations do you envision taking shape? Are there ways that we can work together?

Let's discuss!!!


Academic Commons Field Trip 2011

"Support units in the library don't really mix it up. I hope I'm a good landlord." 

~anonymous Director of Library Services


"We've created seamless student service lines such that we all know each others' jobs and who, when, where, and how to relay those in heed of help."

~anonymous Director of Library Services

Cross-Unit Collaboration

Escobar, H., & Gauder, H. (2015, May). On the 'write' path to student learning: Library and writing center collaboration. Retrieved     February, 2016, from

Know Thy Neighbor 

  • Do your own homework about each other.
  • Discuss common pursuits between the units as well as challenges.


  • Be patient. Effective integration can be achieved.
  • Respect differences and highlight areas of overlap.
  • Stay focused on common goal of student success.


  • Meet regularly, communicate often. 
  • "We utilize multiple channels for distributing information, including a new discussion list, attending each other's unit meetings, and scheduling periodic meetings for the library and writing center administrative team.


  • "Online tutorials, job comptetency descriptions, cross-training simulations, workshops with student [...] tutors"


  • "MOU is vital for collaborative spaces." 
  • Articulate collaboration efforts; shared direction creates an historical narrative for future staff.
  • Joint mission statements, operations manuals, assessment plans.

For more about this U. Dayton project:

Initiating partnerships at SU


Meet and greet with Writing Center and Center for Student Achievement

Plugged WC and CSA in library orientation tours

Plugged WC and CSA in virtually every one-shot.


WC: We are getting slammed. Can you help us with requests for help with citations?!?!

CSA: We'd like the library to be a destination in an orientation scavenger hunt.


Susan and others met with CSA director to discuss Academic Commons opportunities for collaboration.