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Academic Commons: Rm 163

Henson School

How do you teach students to troll through everything they are finding  --
specifically to find and identify the specific item they are looking for?  


Image taken from New England Boating.


Not-So-Hypothetical Class Assignment:

Each table will work together as a team to search through our scientific research databases, and each team will be assigned to find one of the following:

  • Primary scientific article
  • Secondary scientific article
  • Conference proceeding


Once you have found your paper/proceeding/article, each team will review the article and - having designated a table spokesperson -  will provide a brief summary of their chosen item.  In addition, as work outside of this library session, each student will individually submit a brief written critique of their found work, guidelines for which are covered within the associated class LibGuide.  


Things to remember:  

  • your chosen piece should not be from WebMD or somewhere similar - it should be found via the resources covered in today's class, all of which are linked within the associated class LibGuide
  • you should cite everything that you use in your critique, as you need to have at least 5 backing sources to support your critique


GAC 163


BL 203

Image Credit: James Lee Parrigin, (SILS)