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HONR 111 (McCarty): Scavenger Hunt

  • Working in a group, your team will try and answer as many of the questions below as you can.
  • You may do them in whatever order your team decides is the best strategy.
  • Answers will be sent in through your iPad's iMessage. Include the question number in the subject line of the text.
  • The whole team must stick together at all times; you cannot split the questions up among you individually.
  • First team back with the most points wins.

Scavenger Hunt Questions

  1. Take a picture of the current edition of Language Arts in the current periodicals.

  2. Take a picture of volume 193 of this bound journal, Atlantic Monthly.

  3. Find a printer and take a picture.

  4. The special collections are located in what center and what floor of the GAC?

  5.  Find a book in your major in the catalog. Text your major and the book's call number from the catalog record (you don’t have to find this one on the shelf).

  6. Find A Book of Wales and take a picture of the book on the shelf (this one you do have to find on the shelf).

  7. Find the Research Help Desk and take a selfie with the librarian on duty.

  8. According to the library map, which of the following collections are not found in the Pit?

    1. Films

    2. Leisure books

    3. Popular magazines

    4. Government documents

  9. What is one book on course reserve for THEA 450?

  10. Take a picture of the Maker Lab and list one thing you can do in the Maker Lab.

  11. Text the major and the name of the librarian liaison associated with that major for someone in your group.

  12. Study rooms are available on the library website. How many are reservable?

  13. If you have a question for a librarian, can you ask it through chat?

  14. How many databases are available that begin with the letter T?

  15. The library website shows the available number of electronic devices that we loan out. How many fitbits are currently available to check out?

Remember you can use this guide, the library website, or any other resource you find!

Be back 10 minutes before the end of class!