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CMAT 434 Krisuvlevicz: About Web Sources

Endings can indicate reliability

Sometimes, you can judge how reliable website information is by noting the URL ending.

.GOV - refers to a government website. Highly reliable.

.EDU - often refers to a reliable educational website.

.ORG - implies a non-profit ORGanization. Approach with skepticism.

.COM - stands for "Commerce" and is used for business. Information on such a website will contain a large amount of bias. Approach with skepticism.

Focus on source quality

Let's talk about CRAP and critically evaluating information sources you find on the internet and within our own academic library. Please review the provided handout.

Currency - When was the source published?

Relevance - How useful is it for your needs? 

Authority - Who created the info?

Purpose - Why does the info exist? Is there bias?