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CMAT 297 Egan: Welcome

Salisbury needs __________!

Image source; Wikipedia Commons

A few projects that I have provided in recent years:

  • Civic Center- "more events." 
  • Safe Ride- making it better and safer
  • Big Brother/Big Sisters- getting more SU students to be mentors
  • Public Skate Park- SU students using and supporting the new one being built
  • Sexual Assault Awareness- Informing SU students and keeping them safe

Why? Who are the stakeholders? 

How do stakeholders benefit and in what ways?

If it has already been done, how does it compare with others elsewhere? 

What challenges are there at SU/Salisbury currently? What solutions to challenges have other places implemented?

Know your audience. Sometimes academic scholarship bounces off of the average Joe. Meanwhile, when City Council hears about great things the town next door is doing, they are sometimes motivated (jealous?) to "keep up." On the other hand, state and city government representatives can be persuaded by official data and or qualitative and quantitative research.

A basic plan for getting started

Sometimes, just a simple research plan can help to organize ideas and initiate exploration of information sources. Although the list below is linear, your research can be recursive, which often requires you to circle back and redo earlier steps or swap weak sources for stronger ones:  

1. What's the internet say? (use website evaluation guide to find high quality sources)
2. Background (use the library catalog to find books)
3. Scholarly research (use library databases to find journal articles)
4. Support your argument (use RefWorks to organize and cite sources)
5. Drafts & revisions (upgrade your sources using research librarians, writing center, CSA)

Manage & Organize

ProQuest RefWorks - Source citation tool

Please sign into your RefWorks account.

Keep RefWorks open in a tab at the top of your web browser.