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ENGL 253: Keywords


KEYWORDS carry some of the most important meanings that will open doors to vast amounts of information.

Have a look at this short video in which a librarian constructs a KEYWORD list that she will use to search library tools such as the library catalog and article research databases.

Research statement to keywords

Some different ways to go about searching for analytical work that has been written about the text you are studying

Search for works that treat it as a Subject:   A Good Man is Hard to Find-  This search finds books and articles that have studied the text.

Search for works that scrutinize the specific short story by title: "Good Country People"

Search the author's name: Flannery O'Connor  -  This search finds books and articles that place the author and his works under a microscope.

Genre: American Literature   - This search would find books (probably anthologies) that may contain criticism about seminal works in the genre.

To each of these, you might add "criticism."


In addition to the link to below, MS Word has a built-in thesaurus: