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ENGL 308 Payne: Find books

Why use books for Research?

Why use books for research?

  • Detailed analysis of a topic
  • Background information
  • Overview of big issue
  • Use bibliographies/references in books to find additional sources

In the research process: BOOKS

1. Explore  (web)
2. Background (library catalog: books)

3. Scholarly conversations (library databases: articles)
4. Support arguments (source citation)
5. Drafts & revisions (librarians & Writing Center)

Find books using WorldCat Discovery

 Public schools      state funding    racism     school districts    ethnic equality ‚Äč

  1. Try public school funding racism
  2. Change to public school district racism. 
  3. Under Format, checkmark Print Books. How many results do you get? 
  4. Review The integration of American schools : problems, experiences, solutions by Norene Harris
  5. Use the Call Number Map tool to find this book. 
  6.  Not current enough or not owned by SU? Order through ILL.

Found it in the catalog? Use the call number locator to find it in the building.

Call Number Locator

Wondering how to find a book in the library once you've found its call number? Use this online tool to quickly find the book you need!