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ENGL 305 Payne: Evaluate Web Sources

+Endings can indicate reliability

Sometimes, you can judge how reliable website information is by noting the URL ending.

.GOV - refers to a government website. Highly reliable.

.EDU - often refers to a reliable educational website.

.ORG - implies a non-profit ORGanization. Approach with skepticism.

.COM - stands for "Commerce" and is used for business. Approach with skepticism.

Evaluate information sources further using the CRAAP test, developed by research librarians at U. California, Chico.

Country background data and info

CIA World Fact Book - Basic background information including government, economy and transnational issues.

United Nations - simply search their website for "developing countries."

World Bank

US Department of State: Background Notes - Include facts about the land, people, history, government, political conditions, economy, and foreign relations.

Maintained by Michigan State University, provides history, culture, economy, and more.