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ENGL 305 Payne: Evaluate Web Sources

+Endings can indicate reliability

Sometimes, you can judge how reliable website information is by noting the URL ending.

.GOV - refers to a government website. Highly reliable.

.EDU - often refers to a reliable educational website.

.ORG - implies a non-profit ORGanization. Approach with skepticism.

.COM - stands for "Commerce" and is used for business. Approach with skepticism.

Country background data and info

CIA World Fact Book - Basic background information including government, economy and transnational issues.

United Nations - simply search their website for "developing countries."

World Bank

US Department of State: Background Notes - Include facts about the land, people, history, government, political conditions, economy, and foreign relations.

Maintained by Michigan State University, provides history, culture, economy, and more.

International Organizations