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CMAT 101 Trenary: Assignment

Library Instruction Goals

Search multidisciplinary databases to find full text articles on a topic; use Find It links to find full text of articles.

Distinguish between scholarly and popular sources.

Cite sources using a citation style.


How to create an annotated bibliography

Colony 1: Why are there so many kids in after school programs? 

Colony 2: Does the amount of physical activity affect a child's ability to function in a group setting?

Colony 3: Can Communication Accommodation Theory play a large part in productively teaching younger children?

Colony 4: Is it more beneficial for elementary school level students to experience more interactive learning in the classroom as opposed to traditional lecture?

Colony 5: Does a child's home life affect the way they interact with others in a school setting?

Colony 6: What is the most effective way for a superior to communicate instructions to an inferior?

Manage & Organize

‚ÄčProQuest RefWorks - Source citation tool

Please sign into your RefWorks account. Keep RefWorks open in a tab at the top of your web browser.