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New Faculty: Instruction

Orientation information for new university faculty members on SU Libraries

Department Library Liaisons

Subject Library Liaison
Anthropology James Parrigin
Applied Health Physiology Mou Chakraborty
Art Caroline Eckardt
Biology Susan Brazer

James Parrigin

Victoria Martin

Chemistry Susan Brazer
Communication Arts James Parrigin
Computer Science Victoria Martin
Conflict Analysis & Dispute Resolution Mou Chakraborty
Dance Angeline Prichard
Doctoral Studies in Literacy Mou Chakraborty
Early & Elementary Education Stephen Ford
Education Leadership & Graduate Studies Stephen Ford
Engineering Victoria Martin
English James Parrigin
English Language Institute Caroline Eckardt
Environmental Studies Susan Brazer
Geography/Geosciences Susan Brazer
Government Information Gaylord Robb
Health & Sport Sciences Caroline Eckardt
History James Parrigin
Honors College Angeline Prichard
Information & Decision Sciences Victoria Martin
Interdisciplinary Studies Caroline Eckardt
Mathematics Victoria Martin
Medical Laboratory Science Mou Chakraborty
Military Science/ROTC Gaylord Robb
Modern Languages Gaylord Robb
Music Angeline Prichard
Nursing Mou Chakraborty
PACE Angeline Prichard
Philosophy Victoria Martin
Physics Victoria Martin
Political Science Angeline Prichard
Psychology Angeline Prichard
Respiratory Therapy Mou Chakraborty
Secondary & Physical Education Stephen Ford
Social Work Mou Chakraborty
Sociology Angeline Prichard
Sustainability Stephen Ford
Theatre Angeline Prichard


Library Instruction Services

Research Librarians are dedicated to helping SU students engage with research and information critically and creatively by providing information literacy instruction. Information Literacy is the phrase describing a set of abilities that allow college students to develop skills and understand concepts related to identifying information needs, searching, accessing, evaluating and using information. 

Some common ways that librarians provide information literacy support include but are not limited to:


Information Literacy Instruction 

Faculty librarians provide IL instruction support for classes whether on-campus, online, or hybrid, to address research skills and concepts that students need at lower and upper course levels. Request instruction by contacting your department's librarian liaison. 


Research Assignment Collaboration

Become part of Salisbury University's Information Literacy Program, which is an integral student learning goal of the General Education Curriculum and is routinely assessed by University Analysis and Reporting. 

Information Literacy describes a set of abilities that students need to learn in order to effectively search, access, evaluate, and use information. Contact your librarian liaison to update or collaborate on developing new research-oriented assignments using  SU Libraries' Information Literacy Matrix. In doing so, you join the university-wide effort to help prepare students to become saavy users of information.


Research Guide Development &  Online Course Support

Librarians can work with course instructors to develop online guides that are easy to share and contain critical information that can help students succeed. Library guides can be embedded within Cavas course pages for traditional F2F, online, and hybrid courses.