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ENGL 103 Research Guide: Find books (video)

Searching the library's ebook collection

The ebook collection contains tens thousands of academic/scholarly books that SU students can access online from anywhere in the world! 

Search this collection using the box below. When you click on an ebook link, you will be prompted to log in using your SU username and password.

Practice searching the ebook collection in the steps below

Facebook, Instagram, etc.          social media      privacy       policy       users

  1. social media = 8,000+ results containing this keyword phrase. 
  2. Add keyword privacy to narrow your results = 100+ books about social media & privacy. 
  3. View the book record for: #Privacy tweet : addressing privacy concerns in the day of social media
    by Lori Ruff & Winn Schwartau. 
  4. Open the ebook, and try a search for "privacy policy" within it. These keywords appear 150 times in this book!
  5. Export the reference to RefWorks.
  6. Now, search your own topic keywords for a book source. Cite/Export the reference to your RefWorks account.

Now use this approach to search for ebooks using your own keywords and phrases.

Find books video (expand to view)