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GEOG 325: Conservation and Resource Management: Installment 1: Biography

Biography Guidelines

Installment 1: Biography

--basic biographical information

--any stats or numbers that will help elucidate impressions of scale, civic engagement, corporate sponsorship, political or economic impact etc.:

  1. What is the size of company, organization, agency, stakeholder, etc?  What is the number of employees, constituents represented, or members?
  2. How old is your company/organization/agency/stakeholder?
  3. At what scale do you choose to represent your perspective?  Whether you are local, state, regional, national or international will have great bearing on all other information pertinent to your identity.
  4. What does your company/person/organization/agency actually do?  Is there a mission statement or job description? Perhaps there is a generally understood directive (environmental conservation, corporate profit, group that is represented, area that is protected etc.) that defines or explains your identity.

Finding Non-Public Companies

It can be extremely tricky to find information about companies that are not publicly listed, or are international!  Here are some great places to start looking for those 'alt' companies.....


Charity Navigator (for non-profit companies)

GuideStar (also for non-profit companies)


Need information about various 'sectors' that aren't companies?  Look to the U.S. Department of Labor to help you out on this one!  Sorted by 'Occupation' you can get the lowdown on Education versus Engineering here!  InfoNet