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MUSC 114: Music Appreciation: World

Online reference sources

Books--don't forget these

OK, so you don't have time time to read a whole book. No problem--you don't need to! Just find a book that is likely to have your topic in it; then use the index in the back and/or the table of contents in the front to find the part that covers your topic.

Use the "Book Search" box below to find books at SU.

Try searching for the name of a country or ethnic group  with the word "music." 

Examples:  India and music

                     Apache and music

Book Search

Journal articles

These databases will lead you to articles in scholarly journals and other publications. Most of these articles will be full text--the complete article will be linked under the citation.

If there is no link, use the button to discover how to get the article.

Some articles may be very technical. Just keep looking; there are many that you can read even if you are not a music expert.

If you are off-campus, you will need your Gull Card to enter the databases--the 14-digit bar code number and your last name.

"All music is beautiful" - Billy Strayhorn

world music photo: World Music worldvectorpointws-706133.jpg

Subject Guide

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