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Requesting library purchases

Funding - The library allocates a portion of its annual book budget to each academic department. This budget covers the purchase of books and audio-visual items (e.g., films on DVD) only. Requests for periodical subscriptions and electronic resources, which are funded from other parts of the library budget, take more complicated routes. For details please ask Caroline.

Requests for library purchases - Faculty members are welcome to submit your individual requests to Caroline throughout the year.

Orders for books published outside the US and UK can often take a long time to come.  We do have one vendor that deals in non-English titles, but its access to titles is by no means extensive. Although we don't have all the purchasing options of a large university library, we will make every effort to acquire the works that you need.

Timing - Purchases may be requested at any time. Items needed for fall semester should be requested no later than the end of July; for spring semester, sometime during fall semester or winter term.

Sources of book reviews and bibliographic information:

Additional library resources that may be of interest

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