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Philosophy : Internet Sources

Web sites in perspective

The World Wide Web is a huge marketplace of ideas and information as well as merchandise. Since nobody is actually in change of the web, quality of material varies greatly. It pays to be a wise user of web material, making sure that what you find is trustworthy, accurate and useful.

Some tips to help you evaluate a website: Evaluating Web Site Content (pdf)

How is the material on the web different from the web resources provided by the library? First, most of the library's material comes from books and scholarly journals or other official publications that have been edited and reviewed by qualified people. These books and journals are universally recognized in the academic world. Another good reason to use them is that experts in the subject area have indexed these resources in ways that make it easier to find exactly what you need.

For the study of philosophy, the best web sites are those that provide complete texts of important works. Most of these are created by universities and scholarly organizations, and the texts are often image files so that you can be sure that the text is accurate.

The websites shown in the box on the right have been carefully selected for you to get you started with finding good materials on the web.

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