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Sustainability Resources Guide: Find Books

Sustainability resources

Reference Works

Reference Works in SU Libraries

Visit the library' interactive floor plan to locate the Reference section.

Climate Change: Critical Concepts in the Environment (4 volumes)   REF QC981.8.C5 C5185 2002

Conservation and Environmentalism: An Encyclopedia   REF GE10.C68 1995

Dictionary of Environment and Development; People, Places, Ideas and Organizations   REF GE10.C78 1993

Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Environmental Change   REF GE10.E536 2003


Encyclopedia of World Climatology   REF QC854.E526 2005

Essentials of the Environment   REF GE10.K47 2005

Handbook of Weather, Climate, and Water: Atmospheric Chemistry, Hydrology, and Societal Impacts   REF QC861.3.P67 2003


Oxford Dictionary of Environment and Conservation   REF GE10.P375 2008


Environmental Literature: An Encyclopedia of Works, Authors and Themes   REF GE35.E58 1999


American Environmental Leaders: From Colonial Times to the Present (2 volumes)   REF GE55.B43 2008

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Find Books

Links to SU Libraries Holdings by Library of Congress Classification Subject Heading

Sustainability issues can cross many disciplines. These links will connect you with library books based some of the most common Library of Congress cataloging terms for sustainability and sustainability related issues.

Ecotourism                                    Sustainable Agriculture

Environmental Engineering              Sustainable Development

Environmentalism                           Sustainable Forestry

Green Movement










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Browsing the Library Collection

Below is a list of call number ranges that you may find helpful for your sustainability research.

  • GE25-35        Communication in Environmental Sciences
  • GE42             Environmental Ethics
  • GE50-56        History of Environmental Sciences
  • GE70-90        Environmental Education, Study and Teaching
  • GE105           General Works
  • GE123           Handbooks, Manuals, etc.
  • GE140-146     Environmental Quality and Degradation
  • GE149-160     Global Environmental Change
  • GE170-199     Environmental Policy
  • QC882-994     Atmospheric Pollutants & Greenhouse Effect, Global Warming
  • QE38             Environmental Geology
  • QH72-77        Nature Conservation, Landscape Protection
  • TD169-1066   Industrial Environmental Protection and Control

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