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Copyright Across Campus: For Faculty

Copyright on Campus Video by Copyright Clearance Center

Rights as a Creator

As a creator, you have the following rights over your work, as soon as it is in a tangible form:

  • Right to Reproduce
  • Right to Prepare Derivative Works
  • Right to Distribute
  • Right to Display Publicly (related to artistic works)
  • Right to Perform Publicly (related to musical or dramatic works)

With regards to Publication:

Upon publication, some publishers require authors to sign a Copyright Transfer Agreement (CTA). In cases where the author has given their rights to the publisher, it is the publisher who decides who gets access to the author's work, and in what ways that work can be shared and distributed.

For this reason it is important to read CTAs fully, and where possible, only transfer to the publisher those rights required for publication. To help with this the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC) has created an Author's Addendum which is very useful!