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Sociology Guide: Internet Sources


Searching the web for information can be useful, but you have to evaluate the reliability and authority of websites in a different way than what you would find in a library database. The list below are several websites that have been evaluated as good resources. When choosing new websites, use the boxes below on the right to help you evaluate!

Data/Statistics and General Information

+Evaluating Websites

Video credit: California State University at Fullerton.

+Endings can indicate reliability

Sometimes, you can judge how reliable website information is by noting the URL ending.

.GOV - refers to a government website. Highly reliable.

.EDU - often refers to a reliable educational website.

.ORG - implies a non-profit ORGanization. Approach with skepticism.

.COM - stands for "Commerce" and is used for business. Approach with skepticism.

Website Evaluation List

Go beyond evaluating the webiste URL ending by using this checklist of criteria.