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Military Science: LC Call #'s

Library of Congress Call#'s Used to Find Books on the Shelf (See Map Below!) OR use the Call Number Locator (See Below)




Subclass U Military science (General)
Subclass UA Armies: Organization, distribution, military situation
Subclass UB Military administration
Subclass UC Maintenance and transportation
Subclass UD Infantry
Subclass UE Cavalry. Armor
Subclass UF Artillery
Subclass UG Military engineering. Air forces


Subclass UG Military engineering. Air forces

UG1-620 Military engineering, UG160-302 Tactics and regulations UG335 Bridges, UG340 Tunnels, UG360-390 Field engineering, UG400-442 Fortification, UG443-449 Attack and defense, Siege warfare UG470-474 Military surveying, topography, and mapping, UG490 Land mines, etc. UG500-565 Technical troops and other special corps, UG570-582 Military signaling, UG590-613.5 Military telegraphy and telephony, UG614-614.5 Military electric lighting, UG615-620 Military motor vehicles

UG622-1435 Air forces. Air warfare, UG633-635 By region or country, UG637-639 Education and training, UG640-645 Military aeronautical research, UG700-705 Tactics, UG730-735 Air defenses, UG760-765 Aerial reconnaissance, UG770-1045 Organization. Personnel management, UG1097 Air bases, UG1100-1435 Equipment, and supplies

UG1500-1530 Military astronautics. Space warfare. Space surveillance, UG1523-1525 By region or country


Subclass UH Other services

UH20-910 Other services UH20-25 Chaplains, UH201-515 Medical and sanitary services, UH520-(560) Care of sick and wounded. Relief societies, UH600-629.5 Military hygiene and sanitation, UH700-705 Public relations. Press. War correspondents, UH750-769 Military social work Social welfare services, UH800-910 Recreation and information services

For military history, see D-F

D =
E-F =


Subclass V Naval science (General)
Subclass VA Navies: Organization, distribution, naval situation
Subclass VB Naval administration
Subclass VC Naval maintenance
Subclass VD Naval seamen
Subclass VE Marines
Subclass VF Naval ordnance
Subclass VG Minor services of navies
Subclass VK Navigation. Merchant marine
Subclass VM Naval architecture. Shipbuilding. Marine engineering

For naval history, see D-F

D =
E-F =



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