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Part I: The Prospectus (due Tuesday 10/2 by 2pm)

In 2-3 pages, outline what you want to research and how you want to go about researching it. 

  1. What is the general topic?
  2. What is your specific research question? Why is this question important? Have others already asked this question? If so, what is wrong with their answers? 
  3. What kinds of evidence do you need to answer this question? Where can you find this evidence? 
  4. What will give you confidence in this evidence (whatever it turns out to be)?
  5. What challenges will you need to overcome to carry out this research project?  

Manage & Organize

‚ÄčProQuest RefWorks - Source citation tool

Use your SU email address to create a RefWorks account. It can be used to help manage your citations anywhere you have internet access.