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MDTC 300: Session Introduction & Assignment

This guide can help you:

Form an approach to initiating an assignment.

Identify the use of information sources based on the type of information (i.e. books for background)


Use keywords from a research question or statement to search.

Distinguish differences between popular and scholarly articles.

Explore topics for your paper or project. What motivates you?

Explore the library's information resources.

Start to gather information for an assignment.

    Information Cycle


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    This guide is created for students in MDTC 300 in Professor East's class. If you have any questions about the content, please feel free to contact me.



    MDTC 300 Principles of MLS

    Library Research Assignment

    Due:  Monday, November 19, 2018


    This is an individual assignment where I am your intended audience.  You may use any resources available, but you are not to acquire answers from your classmates.  If you need assistance in the writing process, you may utilize the Writing Center (2nd floor Academic Commons Room 260).


    Using one of the library research databases as shown during the library session held Wednesday, November 7, 2018 you will need to:


    1. Complete your library research log


    1. Find ONE peer-reviewed primary research article from within the last 10 years using your search terms you have been given, print the article, and attach it with your completed written analysis.


    Your written analysis of the article answering the following questions will be No More than TWO pages, using 12 point Times New Roman, Calibri, Arial or similar font, double-spaced:


    1. What is the research question?


    1. Describe the research design (Prospective or Retrospective, Descriptive or Experimental, Identify the specific design of the research).


    1. Describe the research subjects (Identify the population studied).


    1. Describe the results (Identify and evaluate the results presented by the authors).


    1. Conclusion (What did the investigators learn, Did the investigators answer their research question [explain], how do the results of this study impact patient care for individuals who have the disease)



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